About Us

What is Inquire?

The concept behind Inquire is unlike any known publication. We aim to motivate universities to speak out and engage in open dialogue about issues of real importance. The purpose of Inquire is fourfold: to foster discussion and debate about issues of importance; to combat ignorance; to reduce apathy; and to mitigate dogmatism. To do this we seek to promote respectful, informed, and thoughtful conversation between groups and individuals from across the social and political spectrum, and to engage with students on what they find relevant in the world today.

Based and founded at Queen’s University in 2008, we aim to create open communication not only within our university, but with other universities as well, previously collaborating with University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Inquire Publication is 100% student-run. We are non-partisan and we do not take endorsements from any corporations. Our articles are written by our journalists and students on a submission basis. Interested in writing for us? We always encourage and welcome student engagement. Visit our submissions guidelines page for more details on how to contribute to our next issue.

Our Team

Prarthana Pathak

Prarthana is a 3rd year English Major and Psychology Minor with a Certificate in Law. She's interested in International Politics, Indigenous issues, Human rights and Feminist issues. Her hometown is in Brampton, Ontario. 


Shelby Harper

Shelby is a 3rd Year English Major in the Business Certificate. She's interested in American Politics, Climate Change, and Socio-Political controversies within Vulnerable Communities. Her hometown is in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Tiasha Bhuiyan
Editor in Chief

Tiasha is a fourth year Life Sciences major with a Certificate in Business, and her hometown is Mississauga, Ontario. She is feminist as hell and concerned with issues relating to human rights, public health, and the environment.

Taylor Johnson
Social Media and Marketing Director

Taylor is a 3rd Year Politics Major. He's Interested in a variety of topics, but most notably American Election Interference, and student issues on campus. His hometown is Toronto, Ontario. 

Ellicott Ashworth Cochrane
Marketing Director

Ellie is a 3rd Year Politics Major in the Business Certificate. She is interested in issues concerning equality and human rights. Her hometown is Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Emma Evans
First-year Intern

Emma is a first year Arts and Science student from Toronto, Ontario. She is interested in anything and everything, but especially issues of accessibility and equality.

Tai Withers
Editor and First-year Intern

Toronto born and raised, Tai is in their second year of an astrophysics specialization. They are particularly interested in queer and intersectional activism.


Kenzie O'Day
Editor and Social Media Project-Lead

Kenzie is a first year Arts and Science student from Vancouver, British Columbia. Sociopolitical issues close to her heart include women’s education, health and reproductive rights.

Sandrine Jacquot

Sandrine is a first year Arts and Science student from Guelph, Ontario. She is interested inmany sociopolitical issues including global education equality and climate change.

Arthur Smith-Windsor

Arthur is a third year Arts and Science student from Ottawa who is studying Political Science. His interests include geopolitics with a focus on Asia, identity politics, and minority issues.

Charlie Slaney

Charlie is a fifth year english and music medial from Ajax, Ontario. Her interests inclue writing, playing piano, long walks by the lake, and staying up to date on global issues concerning equality and acceptance.

Alexea Johnston
Editor and Journalist

Alexea is a fourth year Philosophy Major and Biochemistry minor with a Certificate in Law. She is interested in Health care Ethics and other issues concerning human rights. Her hometown is Burlington, Ontario. 

Chelsea Hill
Journalist and Graphic Designer

Chelsea is from Bermuda. She is a 3rd Year English Major. Her interests include LGBTQ+ issues, gender equality, climate change, and media representations of marginalized communities.

Megan Moutsatsos

Megan is a first year Arts and Science student, planning to major in English. She's interested in women's rights, climate change, and American politics. Her hometown is Whitby, Ontario.

Brendan Sheppard

From Barrie, Ontario, Brendan is a first year science student interested in the relationships between changing social and political thought and developments in science and technology.

Victoria MacDonald

From Burk's Falls, Ontario. Victoria is a third year Global Development Studies major with a minor in Environmental Studies. She is interested in a variety of topics, but mostly she is focussed on evolving geopolitical dynamics, identity poltiics and environmental degradation.

James LeGallais

James is a third year Arts and Science student from Barrie who is studying Politcal Science. His interests include International Relations focused on security and the United Nations.