Hiring 2021/22

Inquire Publication is looking for people who are passionate about engaging with the bigger world around them. Explore how you can join our team below.

If you have any questions about our work, reach out to us at inquire.publication@ams.queensu.ca.
Applications for the team can be submitted via our Google Form.

Our Positions


Journalists are the core of our publication. They write and research articles derived from their opinions but supported by research from trustworthy sources. This includes news articles published by distinguished news outlets (such as CNN, CBC, etc.), academic/scholastic books, and even self-conducted interviews with relevant figures. Journalists write for both biweekly publications and our two annual launches, but are additionally welcome to publish articles separate from our launch schedule. Inquire also encourages larger projects that incorporate the work of multiple journalistic perspectives on a common subject. The Journalist’s job is to foster conversation and provide education on events and issues of real importance, and how they affect people’s lives. 


Editors use a keen observational eye and a solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, and structure to help journalists express their ideas authentically. The Editor’s job is to correct grammar and misspellings, and to provide feedback on structural/narrative flow, with their goal being to work alongside journalists to polish and finalize articles. Editors will work with the Editor-in-Chief to edit articles for biweekly publications and major launches. 


The Intern position is designed for people who are flexible, ambitious, and self-motivated, with interests that can’t be tied down to just one role in the club. In addition to having the opportunity to write and edit articles, interns will assist with event organization, marketing, and other projects as needed, while also being encouraged to propose and take on new endeavours for the club. Interns will also take down minutes, assist in arranging activities for the meetings and events, and assist the executive team during launch periods. They will also get the opportunity to work closely with the marketing and social media directors. Interns are expected to be very punctual with time, have excellent organizational skills, and be excellent collaborators while engaging in team building exercises!

Graphic Artists

New! We are introducing the Graphic Artist position this year, to complement our articles with artwork in a consistent and professional style. We are looking for students with a passion, talent, or interest in visual art/graphic design. Artists will create several individual pieces per launch as well as for biweekly publications, and will also have the opportunity to assist the marketing and website teams with developing visually appealing materials. This is an excellent position for students looking to add a structured artistic experience to their portfolio. Please include a small portfolio of work (2-4 pieces) in an email to inquire.publication@ams.queensu.ca alongside your application form.

Social Media and Marketing Team

The Social Media and Marketing Team is expanding this year as we look to expand what Inquire can be and who it can reach. Team members will operate the club’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, along with any new social media presence the team decides to launch. This role includes regularly creating content that promotes engagement with readers, and performing marketing for biweekly/semester launches. Your job at its most basic will be to execute the social media plan we have devised for the year; at its most advanced, we’re hoping you can bring your own social media expertise to the team so we can reach new platforms and new readers for a new year.