What is Inquire?

The concept behind Inquire is unlike any known publication. We aim to motivate universities to speak out and engage in open dialogue about issues of real importance. The purpose of Inquire is fourfold: to foster discussion and debate about issues of importance; to combat ignorance; to reduce apathy; and to mitigate dogmatism. To do this we seek to promote respectful, informed, and thoughtful conversation between groups and individuals from across the social and political spectrum, and to engage with students on what they find relevant in the world today.

Based and founded at Queen’s University in 2008, we aim to create open communication not only within our university, but with other universities as well, previously collaborating with University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Inquire Publication is 100% student-run and non-partisan. Our articles are written by our journalists and students on a submission basis. Interested in writing for us? We always encourage and welcome student engagement. Visit our submissions guidelines page for more details on how to contribute to our next issue.

We are always looking to add passionate individuals to our team! If you’re interested in writing, editing, graphic design, or working with social media, please reach out! You can contact us with a statement of interest and experience sent to inquire.publication@ams.queensu.ca.


Our Team

Sharon Yin
Socha Verbeke
Elizabeth Clarke
Editor In Chief
Emily Parkinson
Social Media Manager
Amina Alievski
Finance & Partnerships Director
Sam Ross
Outreach Director & Journalist
Emilia MacDonald
Journalist & Editor
Sam Watt
Sakura Koner
Ran Cheng
Natalie Cowan
Julia Neves
Madeleine Hamilton