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Commentary on recent socio-political issues of newsworthy importance.


American Abortion Rights are at Risk

Lifting Mask Mandates: Premature or Pre(tty) Good?

The Hierarchy of Importance: The Dominance of the Western School of Thought

Does the Split Within Canada’s Conservative Party Represent a Larger Divide Within our Nation?

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The Appeasement of Putin’s Illegal Annexation of Crimea in 2014 is Still Relevant

The Trucker Convoy is Driven by Hate Groups

No-vax Djokovic: World No. 1 Unable to Play Australian Open Due to Failure to Fulfill Vaccination Requirements

Women’s Health: An Ongoing Struggle

Stacey Abrams and the 2022 Georgian Gubernatorial Elections

Misinformation and Noncompliance in the Covid-19 Pandemic

“Taylor’s Version” of Fighting Back Against the Music Industry’s Exploitation

Streaming Service Killed the Cinema Stars

The Ludicrous Behaviour of Judge Bruce Schroeder of the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Was Travis Scott Standing On a Stage Or a Pedestal?

Preventative Measures Against Future Pandemics

Cooperation or Exploitation? The Socioeconomic Challenges of Chinese-owned Copper Mines in Zambia

Asians for Black Lives Matter: The Model Minority Myth and Ethnic Relations

‘And There was No One Left to Speak for Me’

Your Body, Our Choice: Bodily Autonomy and Transgender Youth

Wexit Explained: Why the Desire to Separate from Canada?

Going Beyond Biology: Always’ Attempt at Inclusion Sparks Outrage

Seeing Yourself in A Museum

The Amoral Response

This Election is 10 Days Too Soon

To the Coward Who Wrote the Note – Your Threat Will Not Be Tolerated


Is it Okay Not to Vote?

Partisanism and Why We Can’t Stop Climate Change

The Inescapable Politics of Image

A Snapshot of Canadian Climate Change

Inequality Amongst The First Nations: Lack of Quality Nourishment

Anti-Vax Isn’t an American Issue, it’s an International Issue

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