Bi-Weekly Column

This is our current events column where our Journalists will post articles every two weeks about the recent socio-political issues that are of importance and newsworthy.


Cooperation or Exploitation? The Socioeconomic Challenges of Chinese-owned Copper Mines in Zambia

Asians for Black Lives Matter: The Model Minority Myth and Ethnic Relations

‘And There was No One Left to Speak for Me’

Your Body, Our Choice: Bodily Autonomy and Transgender Youth

Wexit Explained: Why the Desire to Separate from Canada?

Going Beyond Biology: Always’ Attempt at Inclusion Sparks Outrage

Seeing Yourself in A Museum

The Amoral Response

This Election is 10 Days Too Soon

To the Coward Who Wrote the Note – Your Threat Will Not Be Tolerated


Is it Okay Not to Vote?

Partisanism and Why We Can’t Stop Climate Change

The Inescapable Politics of Image

A Snapshot of Canadian Climate Change

Inequality Amongst The First Nations: Lack of Quality Nourishment

Anti-Vax Isn’t an American Issue, it’s an International Issue

In Case You Missed it: A Rundown of The SNC Lavalin Scandal