December 2019 Issue

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the December 2019 issue of Inquire Publication, a socio-political magazine brought to you by our amazing team here at Queens University!

This month’s issue discusses a lot of socio political issues within pop culture, like the meme-able phenomenon of “ok boomer” or the recent release of Disney Plus. We truly believe that by commenting on various cultural phenomenons, we get closer to providing thoughtful commentary about society as a whole.

We also are bringing you a more serious article about bigger political issues like Death Row, and hopefully allow you as a reader to consider certain political issues from a wider lense. 

As always, we strive to provide a space in which students can develop their freedom of speech, and work together to combat ignorance and strive for meaningful change.

What do you Inquire About?

Prarthana Pathak and Shelby Harper, Co-presidents.


Why Spare the Colonial Kingdom? A Critical Review of Frozen II.

Do Classical Films have a Place in Today’s Society?

“OK Boomer”: The Immortal Feud between Old and Young

The Downfall of Death Row Prisoners: Murder or the Corrupt Legal System?

Catalonia Independence, More Like Can’t-alonia: A Paper on the Validity of Catalonia’s Claim to Secession from Spain.

The Boomer War Has Begun