Fall Launch 2021

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Inquire’s first official launch for the 2021-2022 school year! This fall has been a period of transition for us all, as we try to navigate a world trapped between a global pandemic and an immense pressure for a return to normalcy. Here at Inquire, we’re also transitioning, into new leadership, a new team (with some familiar faces), and a new look.

In this issue, we bring you stories of retrospection and projection, all rooted in the context of a transient present. For each day over the course of this week, we’ll be publishing articles from seven Queen’s students, each engaging with issues that are important to you. From four perspectives, we’ll examine the ramifications of violent and widespread sexism and sexual violence on our campuses and in our world, in the context of our ongoing outrage that has been reignited too many times in these past two months. You can also expect a reflection on two men whose outsized effects on our political culture will linger long after they’re gone; an academic deconstruction of the border control issue; and a contemplation on the power of stories to shape our world.

This is a new Inquire, facing a new world with issues that are frighteningly familiar. We would love nothing more than to have you, our readers, join us in our mission to engage meaningfully with the issues that matter the most.

Together, let’s build a better conversation.

Brendan Sheppard & Kenzie O’Day
Co-Presidents, Inquire Publication


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