International Development Week

Dear Reader,

Happy International Development Week! This year, our journalists each tackled a specific theme and engaged in conversations that went beyond their comfort zones.

International Development Week is a national initiative that seeks to inspire Canadian youths to engage in meaningful conversations regarding global issues and initiatives. Our journalists went above and beyond researching, learning, and providing articles that encompassed all the current global issues in various industries.

The themes outlined during this launch were widespread. Articles covered topics such as: Global Health, Youth Leadership, Marginalized Peoples, Innovation, Technology, Industry, Sustainable Production, International Security and Policy, and the Climate Crisis.

We strive to provide a space in which students can develop their freedom of speech, and work together to combat ignorance and strive for meaningful change.

What do you Inquire About?

Prarthana Pathak and Shelby Harper, Co-presidents.


Your Body, Our Choice: Bodily Autonomy and Transgender Youth

Combatting the Threat of Terrorism

Sustainable Production

Education for Students with Disabilities, From Iqaluit to Ho Chi Minh City

Transitioning into A New Decade

The Technological Divide and a Divided World: Update Available?

You Desire to be Heard: The Power of Youth Leadership in the New Decade

When the Plague Strikes, We Need to Unite

The Novel Coronavirus: Privilege in Global Health Emergencies