March 2019 Issue

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the March issue of Inquire Publication, a socio-political magazine brought to you by our amazing team.

Since its founding in 2008, Inquire Publication, has devoted itself to publishing the voices of students regardless of controversy and opinion. We strive to provide a space in which students can feel the freedom of speech and work together to combat ignorance and strive for meaningful change.

In this issue we bring you articles encompassing all the current debates in politics. We have articles repressing both sides of Doug Ford’s OSAP changes, an article addressing the pipeline debate and even news on the problems in Venezuela. In addition this article features our first poetry section.

We hope you enjoy this month’s inquiries and, as always are eager to hear your feedback and views on these issues. Remember, these articles represent the interests of and questions asked by students from across the Queen’s campus. If you have a thought, a question, or an opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What Do You Inquire About?

Ami Trivedi & Jessica Walsh, Co-Presidents


A Letter To The New Thrones

Political Atmosphere

#BellLetsTalk: About Glamorizing Mental Health

What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You: Exploring the Relationship Between Queen’s Students and e-cigarette Usage

Trump’s Border of Terror: History Repeating Itself

Overuse of the Political Protest

Socialism, Oil, and Military Coup: Critically Examining the Interests at Play in Venezuela’s Power Struggle

The Trans Mountain Pipeline: A Boost in Revenue or a Cataclysmic Risk to Canadians?


Devastating OSAP Changes: An Indeterminate Future for Ontario’s Students


Doug Ford’s New OSAP Changes are Not That Bad