November 2017 Issue

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to present the November 2017 issue of Inquire Publication. Since our last issue the Inquire team has welcomed many new faces, all of whom have come together to combat ignorance and apathy and strive for meaningful change.

In the face of ever-increasing concerns about reliable and responsible journalism, the Inquire team has worked tirelessly to combat the effects of “alternative facts” and fake news on the issues we explore. In the face of the often mind-numbing international focus on American politics and the Trump administration, this month’s publication has opted to step back from the border and explore the issues facing students and all responsible citizens here in Canada.

We would like to thank our team of student editors and journalists for their work on this publication. This month we would also like to extend a special thanks to our Marketing and Events Directors, Paige Kedrosky and Sara Lyons, and our Social Media Directors, Hannah LeBlanc and Kaitlin Salole, for all the work they have put into increasing Inquire‘s presence on campus and facilitating events, discussions, and of course the publication of future issues.

— Jessica Walsh, Co-President



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