November 2020 Issue

Dear Reader,
Welcome to the November 2020 issue of Inquire Publication, a socio-political
magazine brought to you by our amazing team here at Queens University!


This month’s issue brings light to many of the current ongoing global issues such as the 2020 American Election, Black Lives Matter Movement, Protests in Thailand, the On-going  COVID-19 pandemic and more!

This year has been a difficult one, with the on-going pandemic, and it’s global impact. Not to mention, the multitudes of socio-political issues that are not talked about enough in media. Our journalists have brought you some of the current topics of importance, capturing various parts of the socio-political spectrum.

We strive to provide a space in which students can develop their freedom of speech, and work together to combat ignorance and strive for meaningful change.

What do you Inquire About?Prarthana Pathak and Shelby Harper, Co-presidents.


America Can’t Handle More Division – a Cry for Unity

Thailand’s Silenced Protests

Abolish the Electoral College System

Considering the Global South During COVID-19; The Case of Brazilian Favelas

Wanting to Be Oppressed and the Erasure of Real Oppression

Remembering the October Crisis of 1970

Examining the Effects of COVID-19 on Immigrants and Vulnerable Groups