October 2020 Issue

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to the October 2020 issue of Inquire Publication, a socio-political
magazine brought to you by our amazing team here at Queens University!

This month’s issue voices opinions and attacks some of the biggest
conversations within the socio-political sphere such as American Politics,
Gender Reveals, the COVID-19 pandemic and conspiracy theories surrounding it. 

We are also bringing you articles encompassing all the current debates in politics.
In particular, the upcoming 2020 American Election. We have articles representing
various aspects of the election, and voicing the thoughts and opinions regarding racial and political views. 

We strive to provide a space in which students can develop their freedom of speech, and work together to combat ignorance and strive for meaningful change.

What do you Inquire About?

Prarthana Pathak and Shelby Harper, Co-presidents.


The Ongoing Battle for Scottish Independence

How the First Past the Post Electoral System is Polarizing the US

The Real Epidemic in America: A Lack of Universal Healthcare

Donald Trump Disrespects More than Democrats. He Disrespects Democracy.

The Dark, Strange and Alluring World of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Are Gender Reveals Transphobic?

The Issue with Racist Monuments

Why Do I Need A Voice?