Winter Launch 2022

Dear Reader,

How do you judge the importance of one idea over another? It’s a challenge we all face at Inquire. As journalists, we pick out one topic from a world bursting with thousands of them, each demanding our attention as much as the next. As editors, try to distinguish only the most vital points in articles that are rich with worthy thoughts. And at the highest level, come publication time, we try to decide: which article do you publish first? Which is most relevant today?

They are all impossible tasks.

This week, we will bring you articles that will only become more relevant in the weeks to come – some so potently prophetic that between the time they were written and the time you will read them, they have become ominous warnings of events that have already come to pass.

As you read our articles this week, think on the theme of power. How it’s gained, and lost. Our efforts to reshape the systems through which it’s used. The platforms that produce it, and the responsibility they can choose to abdicate or accept in guiding how it’s used. The people who abuse it, and the ones who resist it. And most importantly, how you can use your power to affect real change on the issues you can’t ignore.

Brendan Sheppard & Kenzie O’Day
Co-Presidents, Inquire Publication


Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Would Be Detrimental to Russia

Canada’s Emergencies Act: Its Purpose, Scope and Limitations in a Democratic Society

The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media


Rumble: A Far-Right’s Echochamber of Ignorance Without Censorship

Money and Power: The Trump Organization and Financial Fraud

The Problem of the Filibuster in the United States Senate

Thank you for joining us for this launch!