Spring 2017 Issue

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to present our Inquire Spring 2017 Publication. Over the past few months we have worked tirelessly to generate meaningful discussion about social issues. As always, our organization aims to combat ignorance, apathy, and strive for meaningful change.

Events over the course of the last year have ignited serious concern worldwide over the influence and importance of responsible journalism. We have witnessed the rise of the Trump Administration , the coining of “alternative facts”, and the influence of fake news on politics. The meaning of truth is a recurring theme in this year’s publication. Students are evidently concerned over the role of media in our fast-paced and interconnected world.

We would like to thank the team of student editors and journalists for their work on this publication, as well as our broader team members for their dedication to Inquire.

Daniella Laferriere, Editor-in-Chief


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