A Letter To The New Thrones

Unsigned, Queen’s University

We have risen from the ashes of a broken people. It has happened before and will happen yet once again. The rebirth of many nations has come to fruition before and will come yet once again. We, who have been forgotten by unelected, visible, powers in ivory towers, can no longer choose to forget us anymore. 

Hope. A gleaming light of hope that caked from destructive dirt and dust: is risen. And will be risen from its very long interrupted sleep. Hail to the rebirth of our nations. Hail to rebirth of independence. Hail to rebirth of Freedom. Hail to rebirth of every common man and woman.

You who thinks nations are long since dead and gone have received false calamity. This is simply the beginning. Because no longer will we allow you to sell our dominion, our heritage, our homes. The time for silence has passed. Like the native, we have been pushed further away from our land. Like the Roman, our nations were vanished. But like the rock, we will rise from a billion grains of sand.

With each passing second through your phantom hourglass, our hatred for hypocrisy strengthens in peace. You’ve crowned yourselves with glassed jewels and you sit on a throne of fragile lies. We have come to kick your seat out from under you and you will tumble down rivers of crimson cries. 

Then once all is said and done we will ask you to rejoin us in glory. Like time and time again we will lend a hand to you, old neighbour. Like time and time again, you will accept it with those plotting-emerald eyes. And this visceral cycle will spin for eternity.