Political Atmosphere

Written by Philip Jakov, Queen’s University

Black suits acting tough,
They know best is what we’re told,
White dresses screaming activism,
Enough to make Kaepernick feel old,
Yet the lack of compromise,
Could have effects untold.
An air of political bi-polar aggression,
Yet do we even pay attention?
Explicit hats mixed with MAGA caps,
There must be some lesson to be learned in that.
Though too many feel they have their wrists wrapped,
Before there’s a chance to look back,
At what happened.
At the destruction caused by not giving an ear,
To hear the other side,
Because ignorance combined with hubris can make you feel so alive.
Worries disappear,
Offensiveness and fear,
Replace information and ears that hear.
Reporters may say sounds that resound with those who,
Hear but don’t listen,
Sneer but won’t take a position,
Feel things but don’t be thinking,
Say words but won’t be clicking their keys at home.
Wondering what are these people on,
Where are the books, the studies, and the moral claims?
Where are the facts and the truth?
Not just some nuance that resonates with the modern youth,
Though I can be a hypocrite too.
Some hearts will stay numb,
Some hearts will bang their own drum,
Some hearts will just run,
Though some hearts will stop,
And begin to think as one.